Why yacht syndication?

Enjoy the advantages of a Yacht Share Mariner (YSM) syndicate and sail from some of the most stunning ports in the world.

The purchase, management and maintenance of your yacht is all handled through YSM providing you with a hassle free, time and cost effective ownership experience at a fraction of the cost. Plus, you have the freedom to sail at your leisure – where you want, when you want.

Syndicate Ownership vs. Yacht Charter

How many times do you really want to charter a yacht in the Med?

There are thousands of islands in the Med, The Adriatic coast, Aegean Sea, Croatia, Italy, French Riviera and more, all fascinating to cruise… but not in a hurry.

If you’re prepared to take some time and invest in your sailing future, you can truly enjoy Med, cruising on your own yacht. You’ll also appreciate that we make this happen with operational and financial sense to you.

Ultimately, the benefit of ownership versus charter comes down to convenience and your time. There are also sufficient cost savings in terms of multiple charters versus ownership and return on sale. Our network of marine businesses and partners make upkeep professional and sensible.

An extra bonus is we’ll do the hard work – regular maintenance and management of European administration in relation to boat ownership. We even provide a first class “walk on-walk off” service with provisions, fuel and the works.

Luxury and Performance – Your Home Away from Home

Our Australian and New Zealand sailors are unique.

So of course, the cruising boats we select are carefully considered. Some variances we think about regarding owners are that they…

• Travel over 24 hours to get to their boat
• Cruise to experience the culture and spend time at port
• Stay for an extended period versus being on an unfamiliar charter for a week
• Typically want to enjoy the journey as much as the destination

For all these reasons and more, we select production yachts that provide the comforts of home, excel in performance in all conditions and are ergonomically designed and engineered for smart living and travel.

Steps to Boat Ownership with YSM

  1. Choose your yacht from our available open syndicates – if you can’t make up you mind we can help you. If you want something different, talk to us and we will see what we can do.
  2. Fill out and sign our syndicate application form and send us the application fee.
  3. We will then send you the Syndicate Agreement and Rule Book for your perusal.
  4. We will invoice you for the deposit
  5. About 4 weeks before the boat is ready to leave the factory we will invoice you for the remainder of the upfront capital cost.
  6. Once the boat is commissioned and delivered to our base in Turkey it is ready for the the owners to use it.

How does boat share and syndication work? See How it works

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