Sibenik in Croatia to Marmaris in Turkey – A Rare Opportunity

Take a month or even two this coming October to sail from Sibenik in Croatia to Marmaris in Turkey via the Dalmatian islands of southern Croatia, Montenegro, Corfu and the Ionian Islands of Greece; Paxos, Levkas, Scorpio, Cephalonia and Ithaka. Then cruise east through the Gulf of Patras via Navpaktos and Galaxhidi – the port of Delfi, to the Corinth Canal and on to Marmaris via the Greek Islands of the Aegean Sea. Visit this dazzling array of ports and anchorages along the way without having to share them with the hordes of mid-summer.


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img_0950All on board a new Hanse 575 in which you have a 1/6th share. Sit at a quayside café and marvel at your dark grey 575, called MARINER with all the very latest modern conveniences and only three cabins. Step on board and you’ll find the equipment and systems that will make the 575 easy to sail with just two people.

Invite four of your friends to join you to share in the sheer luxury of this magnificent sailing yacht. Revel in the sense of achievement that this yacht will represent to you, without you having to buy all of it. Neither will you have to pay all of the expenses!

And when you reach Marmaris you will simply step ashore and we will take care of everything; including the arrangements for your transfer to the airport.

Yacht Marina Marmaris

Yacht Marina Marmaris

The 1/6th. share in this $1,000,000 dollar yacht will cost just AUD$176,000 .

Yacht Share Mariner is an Australian company with over 30 years’ experience in the Mediterranean and we can assist you with the planning of your next adventure.

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